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Pure Pursuit Automotive

As long time friend and as a person who had the honor to serve with Dave, the managing director of Ready 2 Run, I wanted to tell anyone that is considering their company that they were invaluable to the launching of my own company, a pre-owned auto broker / dealer called Pure Pursuit Automotive.  Professionally Dave is as good as they come, and he and his brother Dan make it their point in life to exceed every single expectation of the customer, in quality, timeline and price! I can't say enough good things about the sign, decals, magnets, static cling decals, business cards, framed artwork, photo backdrops, tradeshow materials, and almost anything else that we asked of them to produce. If they can provide this level of service as a start-up, they have nowhere to go but up.

Call me personally to learn more on my business line: 816-659-3027


Glen Dakan Founder / CEO Pure Pursuit Automotive