3D Signage

Ericka Winchester - Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Last week we discussed that 3D lettering, logos and graphics can be made using various substrates such as wood, plastic, metal and foam. Each material has its benefits and ultimately will affect your budget. At Ready 2 Run Graphics & Signs we have the design team and shop capabilities to cut custom letters, logos and graphics for all of your needs.



Our process starts with your design. We use state of the art software to bring your sign ideas to reality. The software allows us to use your existing logo to create your 3D sign. If you haven’t designed your logo or if you are looking at rebranding, we can help you with this as well. As professionals in the sign industry we have an in house graphics designer who can take your ideas and using our software create a logo that will sell your business to your intended customers. It is important to start with a logo that is the right color, contrast, scale and wording to ensure it effectively translates the message your business is trying to convey. This is a very important step in the process of getting a sign for your business. Let us help you get it right the first time.



Once your custom designed sign is approved we send your logo, text, or graphics directly to our in house CNC machine using our software program. This eliminates the need for templates or hand carving. Our CNC machine has been working overtime finishing up a custom project that we can’t wait to share with you next week...stay tuned.



Effective Wayfinding Signs

Ericka Winchester - Friday, December 16, 2016


Wayfinding signage should not be an afterthought proper planning will provide frustration free navigation throughout your facility. Our job is to help you determine the best location, material, size and design to effectively identify and navigate your building. When it comes to Wayfinding signs more is not always better. You want the minimal number of simple, concise and properly located signs to create this frustration free navigation.


Wayfinding signs as all signage should be clear, concise and easy to read. In addition, it should create a logical flow starting from an appropriate distance from your facility, parking lot to the front desk and beyond. Interior signs and exterior signs should match your branding with color, style and message. Exterior and interior signage should  fit the architecture of the building and special consideration should be taken to readability at night and in bad weather. Those of us in the north should consider height of the signs and make sure the sign will be readable with snow drifts during the winter months. While you don’t want to overdo the signage you must anticipate all the directional challenges a new customer might have while navigating your facility.


To determine if your wayfinding signage is effective you should answer the following questions.


  • Do your wayfinding signs meet the latest ADA requirements?



  • Do you wayfinding signs fit with your branding?



  • Are your wayfinding signs illuminated if necessary to provide a safe exit from the building in the case of an emergency?



  • Do your signs lead your customers to a point and then have a visible sign to continue them onto their ultimate destination?



  • Have you limited signage to only the most necessary to avoid confusion?




In addition to visibility, simplicity it is important to consider sustainability of your wayfinding signs. It is important to take in consideration future building changes. If you have rooms that change function, or staff turnover you will want to design directories, rooms and offices signs with removable panels. Thus making updates possible and ensuring that your signage is always up to date.  


Ready 2 Run Graphics & Signs is here to help you with the design process, fabrication and installation of wayfinding signs. We can be a great addition to your team in making sure the signs create a frustration free zone.